Newcomers Youth meeting place is a weekly hangout for LGBTQI asylum seekers and undocumented persons in Sweden. It is arranged to be a safe and confidential place.
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Meeting Place

Are you afraid of people harming you in your home country due to your sexual orientation or gender identity? Are you an asylum seeker in Sweden, planning on seeking asylum or was your asylum application not approved?
We recommend you to book a time for legal counselling!
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Legal Counseling

Newcomers Youth activist camp is a yearly event which focuses on providing a safe, creative, and productive space for young LGBTQI asylum seekers and Newcomers in Sweden (15-25 years old).
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Youth Camps

To participate in our activities you have to be a member of RFSL Ungdom.

You can become a member of Newcomers Youth if you are an LGBTQ person who are going to or have applied for asylum between the ages of 15 and 25.
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Become A Member

The Newcomers Youth in collaboration with Pegasus Project offers mental health counseling for all members. The sessions are free of charge and they are aimed at you who need support in dealing with mental health (depression, violence, anxiety, abuse).
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Mental Health Counseling

NCYC - #QueerBasics is gender-neutral fashion collection created by the queer community for their fellow siblings. It’s a subtle but fiercely powerful way of protesting against the heteronormative establishment & demanding basic rights.
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NCYC - #QueerBasics


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