The themes for Activist Workshops are rights,
campaigns, education, events, community involvement, and social change.

Activist workshops are one of the Newcomers Youth activities focused on all that you need to know about queer activism, and in which ways you, as a unique individual, can contribute.

The Activist Workshops are for young LGBTIQ asylum seekers and Newcomers in Sweden (15-30 years old), and their goal is empowerment through various activities. At the same time, all participants together practice both group and self-care.

The themes of workshops include LGBTQI rights and community organizing. We want to provide you with the skills on how to be an activist in Sweden, as well as someone who never forgets that your self-care and personal development are the main pillars of being and becoming a happy and prosperous person.

The Activist Workshops are always led by the Newcomers Youth coordinator and two group leaders. Please do not hesitate to inform them in case there is any particular topic that you would like to be covered.