COVID-19 related regulations
for Newcomers Youth meetings

Considering the fact that we (employees, volunteers, and members) at RFSL Ungdom and Newcomers Youth have a personal responsibility to do what we can in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have designed a list of guidelines that are strictly followed by everyone visiting our physical meetings during this time. Note that this list consists of both official recommendations by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and internal agreements approved by RFSL Ungdom’s board:


*Every Newcomers Youth member gets a weekly SMS / e-mail reminder about our meetings, which includes information to stay home if one feels ill or has any symptoms related to COVID-19: cough, fever, breathing difficulties, among others.


*Before and after our meetups, the volunteers clean and disinfect all areas and equipment used during meetings.


*The masks during our meetings are obligatory. Please bring a mask with you, or you will get one before you enter RFSL Ungdom. The masks we provide are usually washable and can be reused. 


*Once you arrive, we advise you to wash your hands with soap and warm water. Additionally, hand sanitizers are available during each meeting.


*We work on decreasing the risk of transmission by keeping a distance from each other during the meeting. The meeting space includes the chairs that are arranged circularly with 1,5 – meter distance between each member.


*We appreciate it if you do not hug and/or shake hands with your fellow members/group leaders once you arrive at the meeting. Instead, you can greet a person and show affection with words without having a physical contact that we are trying to minimize.


*The kitchen area will not be used as a common hangout place, or to make food. You will be directed to your group’s room as soon as you come. Please keep in mind that we have the spacious facilities and rooms where you will spend the meeting with your group. 


* We will not consume food during the meetings due to the risk of removing your mask for a longer time. Instead, every member will get a food bag for takeaway and enjoy their food after the meeting.


*Every group will have a maximum number of 5 persons (including the group leader/coordinator). That means that every member should send an SMS to Newcomers Youth number 070-780 77 89 that you are coming; otherwise, you can risk not having a spot during the meeting. The spots will be given to people on a “first reply-first gets a place” basis.


*For those who use public transport (bus, train, subway), we advise you to try to keep a distance from other passengers as much as that is possible. Please use face masks throughout your trip. If possible, travel by bicycle or walk to/from our meeting space.


*Our meetings start at 6 PM every week in order to decrease the possibility of traveling at rush hour.


*Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, and mouth). Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or paper tissue when you cough or sneeze.


 *Note that the printed materials from the Public Health Agency of Sweden on how to wash your hands and how to stop the spreading of COVID-19 are displayed both in our meeting area and toilets (available in Swedish and English)


  *Do not forget that all of us have a shared responsibility to prevent transmission of COVID-19, and these measures are for your safety. This is the only way possible to continue our meetings in a harmonious and productive way.