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On this page, we have gathered information about the situation in Ukraine and what applies to people who are coming to Sweden. The page is constantly updated!

Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians is an initiative and collaboration between RFSL, the Swedish Federation for LGBTQI rights and RFSL Ungdom, the Swedish Youth Federation for LGBTQI Rights, through their national network of Newcomers and Newcomers youth to support and coordinate people arriving in Sweden from Ukraine.

The EU Member States have decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive. This means that Ukrainian citizens and persons who are refugees or have subsidiary protection in Ukraine and have left Ukraine after the Russian invasion can get immediate protection and a temporary residence permit. Immediately upon application, you can right now get help with food and accommodation if you have an urgent need for it. Once you have received your permit, you will, in addition to food and housing, have the right to work, the right to seek basic care, the right to schooling for children, and certain financial support in Sweden. Read more at migrationsverket.se

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We need your support for the evacuation of LGBTQI people and support for LGBTQI organizations in Ukraine. The situation is very serious.

Please donate if you can, your support will make a difference.

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Do you have a company and want to offer employment to someone that have fled from Ukraine?

To have a possibility to work makes a huge difference and is a highly valuable resource for support. 

Support and Questions


If you want to join our activities, need support, or have more general questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Meanwhile, we invite you to become a member of RFSL & RFSL Ungdom.



Our staff can communicate in several languages and are familiar with the challenges of being queer with a migrant background in Sweden. We warmly welcome you regardless of your gender, your sexual preference, your color, your ethnicity, your nationality, your status, or your religion. You are just welcome as a person.

If you have questions about applying for asylum in Sweden based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, you are welcome to contact:

RFSL's asylum lawyer: Aino Gröndahl
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +46 (0) 761 65 66 12

RFSL Ungdom's asylum lawyer: Alexandra Politidis Palm
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +46 (0) 76 345 02 81

RFSL has many support services in Sweden. The support and counseling we provide are free of charge. All our staff is employed, trained and experienced in issues regarding LGBTQI people. They are all subject to professional secrecy and you can remain anonymous. We offer support in Swedish, English and with an interpreter.

Telephone: 020 – 34 13 16 (free of charge)
Leave a message or call us on Thursdays from 9-12 am.

Email: [email protected]

You as a participant may be an asylum seeker, live without papers (undocumented), have been granted a residence permit, moved through affiliation, to work, study, or for any other reason, and want to find a context together with other LGBTQI migrants.

We offer weekly MEETING PLACE activities, monthly ACTIVIST WORKSHOPS, monthly PEER TO PEER SUPPORT GROUPS, yearly ACTIVIST CONFERENCES/NATIONAL MEETINGS, and yearly PRIDE EVENTS across Sweden. All our activities and events are drug & alcohol-free, arranged in a safe and confidential setting.

To join our activities, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]
For people above 30 years of age, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]

Our consultation sessions are open to everyone who addresses issues relating to asylum, migration and LGBTQI.

We offer counseling related to social aspects, coming out as well as networking with the community and support for medical and psychological concerns. We then refer you to experts in these areas. We also offer training opportunities for organisations that are involved in the asylum system.

We advise you free of charge, confidentially and we are on your side. We offer counseling over the phone or at our office in Stockholm, available in multiple languages such as Swedish, English, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Arabic, Farsi, Dari,

To book an appointment or ask questions, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]
For people above 30 years of age, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]

Have you experienced commercial sex, trafficking or if someone has approached you to give you something in exchange for sex? To talk to someone who understand your situation and can support you, contact Pegasus. We offer support in Swedish, English or with an interpreter. 

Email: [email protected] 

Snapchat: Pegasus RådochStöd 

Do you have questions about trans, gender identity or gender-confirming care? Do you want to talk to someone about trans topics?
Email us at  [email protected]

We turn to you who are a trans person, who have trans experience or who are thinking about your gender identity, regardless of your age. You who are close relatives (parent, friend, partner, siblings, etc.) or who meet trans people in your work / non-profit involvement are also warmly welcome to email us. Here you can turn for information and support. We who answer are curators and/or experts in trans issues at RFSL and RFSL Youth. We receive around 1,500 emails a year, which include identity, relationships, mood, treatment and rights. You can of course be anonymous.

Via our email, we can provide information, act as a sounding board, tell what has worked for others or suggest other agencies to turn to. For many, we are a complement to care and/or other support. The email is answered by curators and experts in trans issues at RFSL Youth and RFSL. We are not trained in health and medical care and do not fulfill the same function as a care contact. We are also not trained in law. If you need that type of information, support or advice, we can refer you on. But you are welcome to continue to contact us if you wish.

We usually respond within 2-3 days on weekdays, but it can sometimes take longer. We rarely work on evenings, weekends or red days. The email is usually closed for a few weeks in the summer and a shorter period in the winter. 

In some cities, RFSL offers rapid HIV and syphilis testing. These services are open for men who have sex with men and trans people.

Checkpoint Skåne, run by RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne, is a walk-in service offering rapid HIV and syphilis testing.

When: Tuesdays 5 pm – 7 pm
Where: Drottninggatan 36, Malmö

Checkpoint Göteborg, run by RFSL Göteborg, is a walk-in service offering rapid HIV and syphilis testing.

When: Tuesdays 6 pm – 8 pm
Where: Stora Badhusgatan 6, Gothenburg

Testpoint Stockholm, run by RFSL Stockholm, is a walk-in service offering rapid HIV testing.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm – 8.30 pm
Where: Saltmätargatan 20, Stockholm. Metro: Rådmansgatan

Testpoint Örebro, run by RFSL Örebro, is a walk-in service offering rapid HIV testing.

When: Every second Thursday (uneven weeks), 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Where: Västra Nobelgatan 19, Örebro

Checkpoint Sjuhärad, run by RFSL Sjuhärad, is a walk-in service offering rapid HIV testing.

When: Every second Wednesday (even weeks), 6 pm – 8 pm
Where: Magasingatan 1, Borås



Below, we have collected common questions that we receive in connection with our fundraising to benefit LGBTQI people and LGBTQI organizations in Ukraine. If you do not receive an answer to your question here, you can email [email protected] & [email protected].

The general attitude towards LGBTQI people in the country has been negative, but there has still been an opportunity for the community to exercise democratic rights and LGBTQI organizations can operate without being opposed by the state. 

Although in Ukraine there is a discrimination law that includes sexual orientation and gender identity, and there are no laws that actively discriminate against LGBTQI people, the situation for LGBTQI people in the country is difficult. The judiciary rarely investigates hate crimes. LGBTQI organizations in the country have been subjected to many attacks by right-wing extremists and Nazi organizations in recent years.

Of course, many and in different ways are affected by a situation like this. It is important that everyone in need receives help, and we are grateful to see that there are so many different initiatives to contribute support. LGBTQI people are a particularly vulnerable group who are rarely included in humanitarian operations. Therefore, it is important with targeted efforts, hence the focus on our fundraising.

Marginalized groups are already vulnerable and that vulnerability increases in wars, armed conflicts and disasters. For LGBTQI people, it may be that, for example, it may be difficult to find protection that accepts or accepts LGBTQI people or that transgender people may have difficulty escaping due to their ID documents.

There are several scientific articles and several reports on how LGBTQI people are excluded from humanitarian efforts. UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, has drawn attention to this in a separate report from 2021. In addition, RFSL has also written several own texts that give examples of how LGBTQI people are excluded, such as our guiding principles (English) and in policy briefs on the global goals for sustainable development. 

Here are more reports: 

It is not always possible to hide one's identity as an LGBTQI person. Family members, partners, friends and neighbors can reveal or happen to reveal the identities of LGBTQI people. Images or messages in mobile phones and social media can also be used to identify LGBTQI people. In addition, transgender people who have the wrong legal gender in their ID documents can also be left out against their will. 

RFSL Fundraising Foundation has a 90-account and is subject to Swedish fundraising control.
Read more about the fundraising foundation here

The fundraising foundation's 90 accounts, to which donations are paid, are:
Bankgiro: 900-4086
Plusgiro: 900408-6
Swish: 123 900 40 86
Note the payment: Ukraine

Here is information on how you can donate money from outside Sweden, to support the evacuation of LGBTQI-people and support LGBTQI-organisations in Ukraine, please write “Ukraine” in the message with the payment:

Receiver: The RFSL fundraising foundation 
Iban: SE9050000000052031065009
Bic code: ESSESESS
Address of the bank: SEB
106 40 Stockholm

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