Gender & LGBTQ Working Group, Cluster C, for Becoming Part of Europe


In partnership with the Swedish Agency for Youth & Society (MUCF), Newcomers Youth (NCY) has been selected to be the Gender & LGBTQ Working Group Leader for the Becoming Part of Europe (BpE) project.

Goals and activities

To participate in discussions, convene for a two-day conference at the end of May and to develop documentation of recommendations to improve policies related to young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Participants & Facilitators*

The Gender & LGBTQ Working Group is comprised of experts from eight countries.

Becoming Part of Europe

Becoming Part of Europe, which is tasked with encouraging international cooperation, knowledge sharing and documentation of recommendations to work towards the social inclusion of young people with migrant backgrounds, is a project within the scope of the EU Youth Strategy (2010-2018).

About Becoming Part of Europe