RFSL Ungdom participates in the European Consultations for the GFMD

RFSL Ungdom participated with written inputs from our experience in the regional consultation for the Europe Regional Meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) hosted by the OECD.  Alexandra Politidis Palm, RFSL Ungdom’s Lawyer, and Migration expert spoke during this Meeting in Breakout Sessions on 7th July about one of the themes of the consultation, Fostering Partnerships to Realize Migration-Related Goals.

We were reached by the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth – UN MGCY. The UN MGCY Migration Working Group were reaching youth-focused and youth-led organizations and initiatives in the region to share its perspectives on the specific migration-related themes.

UN MGCY is the UN General Assembly-mandated, official, formal and self-organized space engaging youth around the world, and its mandate is to bring youth voices into the design, implementation, monitoring, and follow-up and review of sustainable development policies at all levels. The GFMD is the main intergovernmental and stakeholder inclusive global process about migration. The next GFMD will take place in January 2021 in the United Arab Emirates. 

More about the UN MGCY Migration Working Group here https://www.unmgcy.org/youth4migration

More about the GFMD here https://www.gfmd.org/