“If We Had the Power” is a collection of campaign films made by Newcomers Youth. The films collectively reveal the way power is abused on young LGBTQI asylum seekers in Sweden by the government and government agencies regulating migration laws and policies.

The aim of the campaign is to address the mistrust and mistreating of young LGBTQI asylum seekers in Sweden who are subject to systematic racism and homo, bi, and transphobia. The campaign offers a way forward by presenting recommendations made by LGBTQI asylum-seeking youth to politicians, decision-makers, and other relevant actors within the asylum and migration process in Sweden.

The campaign films are real-life stories and are told by LGBTQI youth who are or have been in an asylum process. Each month a new short film episode is released with a new person that tells their story.

Producers: Tine Alavi
Co-producers: Haris Eloy
Directors: Tine Alavi & Haris Eloy
Production managers: Adam Alian & Haris Eloy
Campaign concept: Tine Alavi & Alexandra Politidis Palm
Photographers and sound: Tine Alavi, Haris Eloy, Peter Nylund & Andreas Paulsson
Editors: Tine Alavi & Jad Nehmeh
Organization: RFSL Ungdom
Project: Newcomers Youth
Financer/grant by: Arvsfonden