The themes for Meeting Place are rights,
safer spaces and creative processes.

This meeting place is aimed for young LGBTQI asylum seekers and Newcomers in Sweden (15-30 years old). Our goal is to strengthen each other through various activities while together practicing both group and self-care.

Newcomers Youth meeting place is a weekly hangout for LGBTQI asylum seekers and undocumented persons in Sweden. It is arranged to be a safe and confidential place where you can meet other queer Newcomers, our group leaders, and a legal help representative. Apart from enjoying games and casual activities, our group leaders organize discussions and creative workshops aimed and adapted to your needs and want.

If you have questions or are interested in joining the Meeting Place, please contact the nearest Newcomers Youth.

The activities for the meeting place for 2020 are listed in the calendar down below.

Please make sure you reserve your spot on time.


Fridays, 5:30pm – 9pm
[email protected]
070 780 77 89

Financed by Socialnämnden Stockholms stad.


Tuesdays, 4pm – 8pm
[email protected]
070 489 70 46

Financed by Länstyrelsen Västra Götalands län.


every other Wednesday and Friday [email protected]
072 541 44 15

Financed by Länstyrelsen Norrbottens län.


Fridays, 3pm – 7pm
[email protected]
076 908 33 36

Financed by Arvsfonden.