The Creative Changemakers launches in Autumn 2020

 It is a Newcomers Youth’s project that aims to create a platform for creative expression while having our target group (young queer asylum seekers in Sweden) as the participants.  Theater, writing, and music will be the focus of this project, and they will be used as the creative tools by our members to carry their stories. 

The reasoning behind this project is that we feel that this type of representation is necessary for Swedish cultural life. Regardless of their artistic aspirations and talent, queer asylum-seeking youth often do not have access to money, power, and space to express themselves creatively. Via mentioned creative tools; they will explore the questions about identity, love, relationships, coming to a new country, or simply being a young queer migrant person in Sweden that can sometimes be more than challenging. 

We were able to identify and learn more about their talents and art via our campaign If We Had the Power, which represents a collection of short film series. Now we focus on performing arts (theater/stage show) where they will be able to work with the mentors who are the professionals in scriptwriting, theater, acting, dancing, and singing.

This show will be performed in three cities: Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg.
Watch out for the premiere in June of 2021.