The “Not Alone in Europe” project arises with the main task of giving a broad and specialized training on the LGBTQI+ paradigms to people who develop their work in contact with young LGBTQI+ migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, such as youth and social workers, educators and community mediators, or even by themselves. The project is funded by Erasmus+.

Aims and Objectives

  • The project’s purpose is to contribute to the social inclusion of the YLMRA and encourage them to be actors of change by the organization of capacity building courses, organizing multiplier events in each partner country, and creating materials in order to face their vulnerable situation. The concrete objectives of the project are:
  • To empower, engage, inspire, and support young LGBTQI+ migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in European countries.
    > To develop competences and support social and youth workers, educators, and community mediators on how to better include intersectionality and LGBTQI+ perspectives in their activities.
    > To generate synergies for networking and cooperation strategies among youth organizations working with YMRA in Europe.
    > To create innovative youth work and intersectional methodological tools that can be disseminated to associated partners and other organisations in order to share the outputs and experiences of the project.

Target Group

  • The groups targeted by the program are both young workers, educators, community mediators, and social workers in contact with YLMRA, as well as the young LGBTIQ+ migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers themselves.
    > Youth workers, educators, community mediators, and social workers in Europe who are working with YMRA and want to become NAE project leaders.
    > Young LGBTIQI+ migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Europe.

Project Phases

    • The project includes several activities which will be carried out as follows:


    • The Capacity Building course hosted in Sweden in October 2019. Through the extensive experience of RFSL Ungdom, participants work with innovative youth work methodologies and practices, including guidelines, methodological approaches, and activity proposals. The main aim is to prepare attendees for the organization of subsequent activities in their countries of origin through methods of non-formal education covering the theoretical foundation of LGBTQI+ issues including terminology, human rights issues, legal framework and asylum rights, as well as the issue of how to reach the target group. At the end of the activity, participants are expected to acquire sufficient skills to implement multiplier activities in each of their countries.


    • An Intermediate Meeting will take place in Turkey in March 2020 with the attendance of all the organisations involved in the project.


    • Multiplier Events: from March till October 2020 each partner organization implements at least two activities within the framework of the multiplier events. In November 2020, the Innovation development meeting will take place in Coma-Ruga (Catalonia), where 22 practitioners and young migrants and refugees representatives of the local group supported by each partner organization will gather with the objective of exchanging the challenges and best practices found through all the multiplier events. Among the objectives of this event will be to revisit and develop innovative youth work methodologies and practices and also increase the quality and develop strategies of cooperation within the Erasmus + Youth in Action program.


    • Finally, in April 2021 the Dissemination Meeting will be held in Italy, where the material method (put methodological material) produced will be shared with the collaborating entities and with those interested in conducting the “Not Alone in Europe” project.


Partner Organizations

Solidarity Now - Greece

SolidarityNow (SN) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization founded in 2013, with the initiative of the Open Society Foundations, to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups, irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity. SN’s Headquarters are in Athens, with large operations in Thessaloniki and an array of activities across the country. The organization’s vision is to improve people’s lives and to empower them to create a just and inclusive society. SN’s actions fall under three main strategic priorities: a) Safety and protection; b) Catalysing livelihoods opportunities; c) Strengthening the independence of civil society and defending open society values. SN has to date directly reached more than 300,000 beneficiaries through an array of programming including service provision, shelter, education, accessing the labor market, and community engagement, with advocacy effort, closely linked to and strengthening its programmatic interventions.

Jesuit Refugee Service - Serbia

Starting our mission in Serbia in 2016 we explored the need and opportunities to find the best possible way to help those who need it. Working on the field, communicating with other civil society organizations, and with government institutions, we identified a gap in the protection of unaccompanied minors which is why we established “Pedro Arrupe” Integration House back in May 2017. Since then, we provided accommodation to more than 80 children, who were identified as victims of sexual violence, exploitation, smuggling and potential victims of human trafficking or they were just too young to be alone anywhere.
Supported by our donors, in cooperation with Serbian authorities, our experience was being presented as an example of good practice to all actors involved in refugee protection in Serbia in the fields of integration, protection, and promotion of human rights of children. This gives us a good position to advocate for the rights of children in other fields such as education. Community-based services and better legal protection.
Integration House “Pedro Arrupe” is a shelter designed to accommodate vulnerable unaccompanied children who have been separated from their families. The goal of the House is to integration into a new society. To do this, the House provides not only food, shelter, clothing, and basic medical necessities, but gives its beneficiaries the opportunities of education and fun.

Association of Human Rights Educators - Spain

The mission of the Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) is to promote human
rights education (HRE) as a requisite to strengthen the commitment towards a culture of
peace, democracy, and solidarity.
Our projects directly work with educators both from the formal and non-formal education
sectors, children, young people, and adult learners. We combine both the local and
the international dimension of our work and we have therefore projects at the local level (from
schools to Universities, municipalities to regional authorities) and at international level
(Europe, Mediterranean)

Noorteorganisatsioon Trajectorya - Estonia

MTÜ Noorteorganisatsioon Trajectorya is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-
governmental Training Organization. It was established in 2005 with the aim to promote
lifelong learning and non-formal education as tools for intercultural dialogue.
MTÜ Trajectorya implements activities, creates educational materials, and provides training
and consultancy to non-governmental organizations and educational institutions working
with children, young people, and adult learners.

Casero LGBT Center - Italy

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Multiplier Events