Peer-to-Peer Support Group is a new activity organized by Newcomers Youth. It has a form of support sessions where the queer youth will have an opportunity to focus more on their mental health while practicing together both group and self-care. It is a safe and confidential space where every member is empowered to use their own knowledge and capabilities to solve their problems. The logic behind is that every Newcomer is an expert on their own life, and this decentralized space with no “expert and authoritative figure” is framed to bring independence, empowerment, and confidence to our members.

The total of 12 sessions will be moderated by four persons who have both migrant and queer backgrounds, have experience working with youth, and completed a training course on a peer-to-peer methodology. After taking suggestions from Newcomers and pointing out the issues that are of importance to them, we have organized peer-to-peer sessions in the following order:

SESSION 1 – Identity, Home & Security

SESSION 2 – Homo/bi/trans-phobia

SESSION 3 – Xenophobia & Racism

SESSION 4 – Community and Chosen Family

SESSION 5 – Faith & Religion

SESSION 6 – Relationships & Dating

SESSION 7 – Sex & Consent

SESSION 8 – To be an Adult