Performance Workshops is a new Newcomers Youth activity focused on developing creative, artistic, and theatre skills among young LGBTIQ Newcomers in Sweden (15-30 years old). They are the preparatory sessions for our upcoming theatre show If We Had the Power that will have its tour in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Luleå, and probably Malmö during the World Pride 2021 (the changes might occur due to COVID-19 related restrictions).  If We Had the Power is a performance where the personal stories of Newcomers’ members are the central aspect. It is a theatre-based platform where they have an opportunity of expressing their activism and raise awareness of what it means to be a queer asylum seeker in a creative and artistic way. 

Performance Workshops run weekly on Wednesdays. They are led by the group leaders who have stage experience and skills within creative expression methods such as singing, dancing, acting, and poetry reading.

Performance workshops are designed according to four core principles: group dynamics, learning-by-doing, feedback & dialogue, and reflection. Every Newcomers Youth member will have a chance to participate, regardless of if a person is a beginner or an experienced artist.

Performance Workshops’ aim is to be an empowering tool for our members, as well as an opportunity for teamwork, interaction, and creative expression. We use performance as a tool for healing and developing a sense of belonging within gay, bisexual, intersex, and transgender Newcomers’ community in Sweden: sometimes our activism and personal stories are the best expressed through art, and we are developing together the ways of emphasizing our visibility and talents with this “on-stage” activity project.