Youth work practices on refugee inclusion

Hello there! Welcome to our family of change-makers. This is our Intelectual Output 1, a comprehensive guidebook designed to empower individuals and organizations working with LGBTQI asylum seekers, migrants, and refuge-seeking youth. Within these pages, you will discover a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and practices gathered from the Newcomers Youth and Not Alone in Europe Projects.

Our aim is to provide practical methodologies and guidelines that cater to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field. To ensure a clear understanding, we have divided this guidebook into four distinct parts, each addressing essential aspects of innovative youth work.

– The first part focuses on queer and asylum terminology that will be used throughout the material, and the provision of more information on RFSL Youth and Newcomers Youth.

– The second part is focused on the ways of supporting LGBTQI young migrants, as well as reflecting on their needs and challenges.

– The third part tackles advocacy work in relation to the target group’s rights and strategic planning for the corresponding advocacy procedures.

– Lastly, the fourth part of this book consists of recommendations, a summary and ideas for youth policies based on both theoretical knowledge and practical experience with the target group.

The Intelectual Output is authored by Ines Anttila and Alexandra Politidis Palm. Coordination, Conceptualization and editing are done by: Haris Eloy


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