Innovative Youth Work and Intersectional Practices

Innovation Intellectual Output: 02 is a creation of innovative youth work methodologies and intersectional practices, including guidelines, methodological approaches, and activity proposals through human rights education and Living Library methodologies

In this method material, we will explore the innovative methods and tools created by RFSL Ungdom and the partner organizations together. The outcome is slightly different than in the first Intellectual Output due to the fact that we have collected the common experiences and knowledge from every organization, representing different countries, regions, and contexts. The added value of Intellectual Output 2 is to show that some recommendations are not specific for one type of context or country. We wanted to create methods and tools that can be applied wherever you are in the world.

The methods and tools are accompanied by useful guidelines and some extensive chapters that we think can be beneficial if you want to work with or for the benefit of LGBTQI youth who are migrants, refugees, or asylum seekers.

The Intelectual Output is authored by Alexandra Politidis Palm, Ljuba Lissina, Irene Pasini and Xavier Baro.  Coordination, Conceptualization and editing are done by: Haris Eloy


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