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Newcomers Youth magazine represents a collection of personal stories, illustrations, and photography created by LGBTIQ asylum-seeking and undocumented youth in Sweden. This concept is enriched with interviews and debate articles written by persons who closely work with our members.

Newcomers Youth members use words, drawings, and photography as the tools of change which make us rethink queer, migration, and asylum questions. They humbly offer us their own perspectives on the issues that are just theirs. Writing and creative expression make them empowered, inspired, and engaged in the form of activism chosen by them in a given time and space.

Reading their stories makes us more human in the same way as writing these stories makes their healing process more productive.

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How to get your printed version of Newcomers Youth Magazine?

The magazine does not have a fixed price since its selling is our fundraising tool that helps realization of Newcomers Youth activities and meeting place for queer migrant youth in Sweden.
If you click on the link, you will find that a minimum price for the magazine is 50kr.
Everything over this amount is considered a donation that would contribute to our project.

If you cannot afford to buy Newcomers Youth magazine, please let us know so we can send one printed copy to you.

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