Do you feel down and/or need someone to talk too?

The Newcomers Youth in collaboration with Pegasus Project offers mental health counseling for all members. The sessions are free of charge and they are aimed at you who need support in dealing with mental health (depression, violence, anxiety, abuse). These sessions are NOT therapy and if any further help is considered as necessary by our counselor, you will be able to get the information where to reach out.

For those of you who are outside of Stockholm, we can assist you via Skype or telephone.

How to make an appointment?
Email Haris Eloy [email protected]

Mind Suicide Line

The Suicide Line is for people who are thinking about taking their own lives. You can call, email or chat with Mind’s volunteers around the clock. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 90101 (Open 24/7)
Chat: https://mind.se/sjalvmordslinjen/chatt/


1177 Helpline
The helpline’s telephone service offers temporary psychological support to people in crisis situations. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 0771-220060 (Open 1pm – 10pm every day)


Neighbour on-call
Jourhavande medmänniska (neighbour on-call) is there for you if you need to talk to someone, someone to listen. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 08-702 16 80 (Open 9pm – 6am every day)


BRIS, Children’s rights in society
You can call, email or chat to BRIS about anything at all. Nothing is too big or too small. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 116 111 (Open 2pm – 9pm every day)
Chat: https://www.bris.se/?pageID=189 (Open 2pm – 9pm every day)


Röda Korsets Ungdomsförbund (Red Cross Youth), friend on-call
An on-call chat service for everyone up to 25 years old. You decide what you want to chat about. You can be anonymous.
Chat: http://rkuf.se/jourhavande-kompis/ (Open Mon-Fri 6pm -10pm, Sat-Son 2pm -6pm)


Rädda Barnen’s support line for unaccompanied children and young people
On this support line you can talk English, Dari or Arabic, and you can talk about anything at all. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 0200-77 88 20 (Open 3pm – 6pm every day)


Röda Korset (Red Cross), advice for migrants
Telephone advise from the Red Cross, which offers advice in individual refugee cases, research, reuniting families, red cross messages, returning and certificate of captivity.
Telephone number: 020-41 50 00 (Open Tue, Wed, Thu 9.30 am – 12 noon)


SPES, National association for suicide prevention and victim support
Telephone support for people who are related to someone who has committed suicide. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 08-34 58 73 (Open 7pm – 10pm every day)


Priest on-call
Priest on-call is staffed by employees from the Swedish Church who listen to you when you need someone to talk to. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: Call 112 and ask for the Priest on-call (Open 9 pm – 6 am every day)
Chat: https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/jourhavandeprast/chatta (Open Mon-Thu 8 pm – 12 midnight)


Child and young person psychiatry (BUP)
BUP has local outpatient clinics in several locations in the country. You can find your local clinic here: http://www.bup.se/sv/Hitta-Mottagning/


1000 möjligheter
1000 möjligheter is open for all youth regardless of gender identity. They offer different kinds of support and help, for example through a chat. You can be anonymous and can talk about anything you like.
Chat: http://chatten.1000mojligheter.se/ (Open mon 19-21, fri 18-20)


Dina rättigheter
On the site, you can find information about your rights and how you can find help. The site is available in different languages. There is also a chat where you can ask questions about honour-related oppression and violence, limitations, rights, love, genital mutilation and forced marriage.
Chat: https://dinarattigheter.se/hur-far-jag-hjalp/chatt-jour/ (Open mon 19-22, tue, 13-16 + 19-22, wed 13-16 + male chat 19-22, thur 19-22 + 17-18 every other thur, fri 19-22)


Are you the victim of crime?

Victim helpline
This service is available if you have been the victim of a crime, a witness to a crime or know someone who has been a victim of a crime. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 0200 – 21 20 19 (Open Mon-Thu 9am – 8pm, Fri 9am – 4pm)


RFSL’s victim helpline
This service is available if you are an LGBTQ person who has been a victim of abuse, threats or violence. Relatives and friends of LGBTQ people who have been victims violence are also welcome, as well as people who encounter LGBTQ people who are victims in the course of their work.
Telephone: 020-34 13 16
Email: [email protected]


Kvinnofridslinjen (Women’s peace line)
A national support line that is available to women who have been the victim of threats, violence or sexual assault, or if you are a relative or friend. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 020 – 50 50 50 (Open 24/7)


Red Cross Treatment centre for people wounded in war or tortured
This is located at several places in the country and helps people who are suffering from trauma resulting from war, torture and/or severe escape experiences. The centre in Uppsala treats children younger than 13.
Telephone: 018-18 75 63
Email: [email protected]


Rädda Barnen’s centre for children and young people
Helps children and young people in difficult life situations with treatment and support. Has clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå.
Telephone: 08-698 90 00
Email: [email protected]


Föreningen Storasyster
Föreningen Storasyster turns to you who have been subjected to rape or other sexual abuse. They have made a promise of silence. Föreningen Storasyster offers support like for example chat and e-mail for people from 13 years old and up regardless of gender identity.
E-mail: [email protected]
Chat: http://www.foreningenstorasyster.se/wordpress/chatta/ (Open sun 16-18, Mon – Thurs 20-22)


You can call Terrafem if you are a girl who is controlled, abused or threatened by people close to you or risk being married off against your will. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 020 521010


Are you afraid you will hurt someone?

You can call PrevenTell if you experience that you have lost control over your own sexuality, for example, if you are afraid that you will hurt yourself or someone else. You can be anonymous.
Telephone: 020-667788 (Open mon-fri 12.00-14.30)


Emergency treatment in Stockholm

Emergency psychiatric clinic at Sankt Göran hospital
Open 24/7 and treats everyone who lives or is staying in Stockholm county. You can go to the emergency clinic yourself or with your a friend or relative.
Address: Vårdvägen 5
Telephone: 08-123 492 00


Mobile emergency unit
Is open every day between 8 am and 10 pm. Here, you can get telephone advice and also emergency appointments at home after assessment. They also have booked emergency appointments at their clinic during office hours.
Telephone: 08-123 484 00


BUP Emergency unit at Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital)
Treats children and young people who need emergency psychiatric care in the evening and at night between 4 pm and 8 am and at weekends. You can go to the clinic directly or be referred by a local clinic. They also have telephone advice about where you can get help in the emergency situation. They treat children and young people of the ages 0-17 and their families. Visits are free of charge.
Address: Sachsgatan 10, Hus A
Telephone:  08-616 69 00



Have we missed anything? Email us on [email protected]