This report is a subgoal of the Attention: Detention project. The report is an interview study about the LGBTQ youth in detention.

The report contains a collection of experiences from the Newcomers Youth’s legal advisor, stories of three LGBTQ youths who have experience of being in detention, and interviews with two representatives from the Swedish Migration Agency.

The people who recorded the voices for the audiobook are not the same persons interviewed in the text, except in the preface from the organization’s board which is read by the Chairperson Jêran Rostam.

The report is written and recorded in Swedish.
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The project “Attention Detention” aims to counteract the lack of information about the rights that LGBTQI young persons have at the Migration Agency’s detention centers. The goal is to improve the legal security of young LGBTQ people during the asylum process and thus promote their mental and physical well-being. The situation of young LGBTQ refugees is particularly complex. For example, if one fears to tell about their sexuality or gender identity, that can bring them a risk of being rejected for the asylum and consequently may end up in detention.

By using a rights-based perspective, this project includes visits to the Migration Agency’s detention centers. The recruited volunteers are those who visit these locations and their aim is to provide support to young LGBTQI people by listening, giving advice, and information about their rights.

Finally, a report will be written as a final product for which we hope will contribute to an improvement in the asylum system. The report will be sent to the EU and distributed internationally in order to promote the defense of asylum law. This project will highlight and focus on the living conditions, voices, and stories of young LGBTQ people detained by the Migration Agency.

Attention: Detention is funded by the Stenbeck Foundation.